Why green schools benefit your kids - and the environment

We're becoming increasingly aware of the impact that our actions have on the environment and our quality of life, but sadly while many of our homes and buildings are being built and modernized to be greener, many of our children's schools continue to waste energy and contain materials that are toxic to kids health. In fact most schools spend more on electricity bills than on books and computers. Schools are beginning to join the charge to use less and be more efficient. But did you know that schools that make strides to become more environmentally friendly are often also providing better learning environments for students? While helping the environment is definitely a key motivator, green improvements can also improve student performance by creating a healthier, more productive learning environment, providing hands-on lessons for students, and saving schools money that they can use on classroom initiatives. Pureology has teamed up with Global Green USA to create a "gree

The Benefits of Online Education

While there are all sorts of benefits that are linked with learning and furthering your educational ambitions there are even other benefits to individuals who desire to pursue online learning in order to attain those goals. I wish you will discover that a lot of these benefits are somewhat enlightening and thoroughly contemplate whether or not online learning for your secondary education needs will be in your greatest interests. 1) Convenience. This is a word we are fairly familiar with. Right along with immediate fulfillment. We are a group of individuals who have lived with drive thru banking and fast food and are fast stirring in the direction of drive thru pharmacies and dry cleaning. We are living in a fast paced world and when we can work education into our hectic schedules and on our own stipulations we find that this is something we tend to like a lot. I suggest that you observe the rising number of online course and online students in the coming years as more and more profes

Christian Job Search Online

There are several job opportunities available that you can find through a Christian job search. When most people think of Christian positions, they think of pastors and ministry positions, but there are many other Christian careers available as well. There are several Christian corporations that prefer to employ other Christians. Other companies will hire Christians for the reason that they trust Christians more than they trust most workers. There are various ways to find Christian firms that are local in your city. When you are conducting a Christian job search, there are a a small number of positions that are always in demand. You can always come across sales careers no matter what industry you want to go into. Sales people are always required since sales professionals drive more earnings to the firm. Finding trustworthy sales professionals is a tough task, so a lot of Christian employers will advertise positions on Christian job sites to aim to discover quality sales individuals. P

Fears Flee in the Light of God’s Presence

Each day—every hour—news is coming from Japan of the widespread devastation that followed Friday's 8.9-magnitude earthquake and monster tsunami. Thousands of people have been left hurt and homeless in Japan. They need our help now.. To our brothers and sisters in Japan our prayers are with you.. Whatever we go through in life God is With us and He is Sovereign God, in control of all things, a Father who created us in His Image. Let us lift up praise magnify His holy name for He is forevermore the same.

Letters to God Movie April 9,2010

A heartfelt tale of inspiration, hope and redemption, Letters to God is a heartbreaking story revolving around a boy suffering from cancer and a postman who receives the letters the boy sends to God… This upcoming drama movie directed by David Nixon and starring Ralph Waite, Bailee Madison, Maree Cheatham, and Robyn Lively. The movie Letters to God will have a limited release on April 9, 2010. Here’s the official movie trailer of Letters to God:

Life's Painful Experiences

I would like to share this nice poem written by written by Margaret C Mullings entitled Life's Painful Experiences Life's painful experiences are really teachers for your learning, to bring you to the realization that, discipline and integrity are the order of the day. What a price you pay for every indiscretion. There is a price to pay for every careless mistake Yes, the pain seems greater than you can bear. Yet the comfort of the word rings out from Proverbs chapter 3:5&6 " Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own under- standing. ' In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy path" You now realize the folly of putting your trust in people and in things. O the folly of being careless and trusting in your own intellect. With much regret and the wish that you could go back and undo what has already been done! Despair and depression now surrounds you, hope begins to flee away. At a moment's glance, the w

Bernhard Langer Life Story

2x Master’s Champion In 1985, Bernhard Langer was the No.1 golfer in the world, after winning seven tournaments on five continents, including the U.S. Masters. In 1993, he regained the Masters title with an impressive four stroke victory. With a total of forty wins, he ranks second in career wins on the European Tour. He has also shown great durability, finishing in a tie for fifth at The Open Championship the month before his forty-eighth birthday. But there’s more to the German pro than golf. In this audio recording and transcript, Bernhard tells you his life story and what satisfies him more than winning any golf championship. Bernhard Langer has been married to his American wife Vikki Carol since 1984. They have four children: Jackie, Stefan, Christina, and Jason. They maintain homes in Langer’s birthplace of Anhausen, Germany and in Boca Raton, Florida. Bernhard wrote his autobiography While The Iron Is Hot in 1988. Read Bernhard Langer’s Life Story (transcribed)