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The Shadow of Pain

Shadows are always there. The shadow of pain is like your shadow. Sometimes it is small and hard to find and then at other times it is a giant as tall as a tree. It is a constant companion that accompanies you. If you go fast it is just as fast. If you go slow it is slow. When you stop it stops. It matches you. When you are in the deepest valley your shadow is there. When at the heights of the highest mountain it is there also.

I never thought that the pain would shadow you. I would expect the pain would be there when I am low and downcast. I would expect it on birthdays, holidays, and death days. But not on the good days. The happy days. The fun days. The shadow is always there.

I remember when I first realized my shadow was always there. It was a revelation really. It was more than two years after James. I was teaching. This would almost seem insignificant except for the profound revelation that was revealed in this small event in time. The soccer team was going t…