In the eyes of God

A friend of mine who attended a class reunion vows he'll never go to another. He says he felt terribly worthless and unsuccessful. Some former classmates were doctors, lawyers, or dentists. Others owned thriving business. A few held high offices in large corporations. Almost everybody talked about brilliant athletic children. My friend, on the other hand, holds an ordinary job. His children are not getting all A's or excelling in athletics. I told him that his feeling of worthlessness stemmed from measuring his value by the wrong standards.

God doesn't think more or less of us based on our job, our bank account, our home, or the academic success of our offspring. Our worth and dignity are rooted in the fact that God created us and that His Son died for us. What's important to Him is our degree of trust and our service done for His sake. Jesus said that those who follow Him, regardless of their status, will be rewarded for their faith and commitment. And when God gives out the rewards, there will be many surprises!

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