Soulkeeper music

Every morning i always listen to my favorite Christian music before my daily meditation of God's word. In worshiping God i can find peace and strength, especially now that life is hard and sometimes disheartening. I always listen to it's an online radio where you can choose between worship songs or instrumental music.They have soft, peaceful music to refresh, renew and restore your soul. Coming soon also is their online teaching of God's Word through radio.


Z'riz said...

hi! please join my daily drops ring...I would be dropping by AND commenting to your posts daily or as often as I can. I'm making this ring because I do love reading your posts and commenting but it is just so hard to follow through even when I have you on my reader. Hope you would join. Thanks! Click here for the link.

Shawie said...

oh that's nice, girl! very inspiring:)
anyway, I got a tag for you-
we just want to know more about you... you can do it if you have time, thanks! have a blessed week!