When things go wrong

When life takes a sudden shift, don't become discouraged. God has a way marked out that you have not thought of taking. This holds true when relationships end without warning, finances hit an all-time low, and job offers do not materialize. He knows our needs and He promised to make a way for us through whatever wilderness we are traveling.

Often we look for quick solutions. A problem or discomfort comes and we draw back from the emotional pain. No one likes to suffer, but God's greatest lessons can be learned in times of adversity and strife.

Are you willing to learn how to love a person who has hurt you? Can you say to that person. "I forgive you?" Or if that is not a possibility can you tell God you are ready to learn how to forgive so you can continue without bitterness of heart?

Trials prick us. Disappointment stuns us. And adversity can leave us feeling broken with pain. When life goes wrong, the greater test is how you will deal with its coming. God uses every piercing difficulty to teach us one thing: "And surely I am with you always..."( Matthew:28:20)

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