Behind the armor

In my meditation this morning, I got emotional while listening to the song "The Warrior is a Child" because i can really relate to this song.

With all the trials and sufferings i went through, many are amazed at how i manage to keep a positive outlook at what happened to me. I remember in the second and third day of my stay in the hospital, most of my visitors were crying upon seeing me. I was so brave at that time, i never cried in front of them, instead of drawing strength from the people who came to see me they said they were the ones who went home with their Spirits uplifted. That's because as a Christian it's the strength that comes from God that i want them to see in me. That despite that great storm i went through, i know my life and future is secured because it is anchored to Him our Great Deliverer. I was able to accept my fate through the help of God's words, if you know the story of Job in the Old Testament his sufferings does not stop him from believing in God and keeping his faith.

But why i get emotional with the lyrics of the song? On the outside they see me as great fighter and overcomer, but what they didn't know "behind the armor the warrior is a child."


Z'riz said...

this is definitely true mami elvz..although i am not familiar with "the warrior is a child" or maybe I've heard of it but I just don't know the title..but i definitely agree that at some point in your life, you can definitely relate immensely to the lyrics of the matter what genre it is... :)

JeFf &NoVa said...

hi mommy elvz, thanks for the tag ha, i'm grabbing it and do it later when i'm not busy na.

i love that song too, reminds me of someone i miss so much in my entire life.

that is also a favorite song of rico yan when he was still alive...

it gives me goosebumps...

happy friday po!

Elvz said...

hello zriz and nova,

i forgot to embed the video from you tube here maybe in my next post i'll try to add it.

happy weekend! :)