New life, new look

Again i've changed my blog's template! Well i just decided to have a new look for this blog as if it's reborn. Today is an important day in my life 'cause it's my birthday..yippee! As i have added another year in my life it will be a new life.. and new look for my blog too! :)

It's been a while since i wrote my last post here, i'm really sad that i have neglected this blog. That's the reason why I changed my layout, I want to start a new. This is where i want to share my innermost thoughts, my inspirations, my day by day spiritual life.

And since it's my birthday today, all I want is to bring back all the glory to my Lord and Saviour Jesus for all the blessings he gave me and my family. And my prayer is that He'll continue to lead and guide me this day and for the rest of my life.


God's Trophy of Grace said...

Happy Birthday!!! I came across your site yesterday and decided to subscribe. I love to see what God is doing in other believer's lives and ministries. I like the new look. I pray that you have a wonderful birthday full of God's peace and joy.

Z'riz said...

Happy birthday Mommy Elvz! I love the new look! :)

Mommy Elvz said...

@ God's trophy of grace thanks so much for your interests in my blog and greetings as well.

@ Zriz, sis thanks for taking time to leave me a message everytime you visit. thanks again for your greetings thou you greeted me already in my other blog.

God bless you both!

MommaWannabe said...

Hey Mommyelvx, Happy Birthday!!! May you have more blessings along the way.

I've added ur two other blogs already in Mommawannabe but unfortunately I cannot update my links at and xploring asia coz my google account has been disabled.
*sob sob* Please bear with me - I'll add your 2 other blogs as soon as I get my account back.

Z'riz said...

Mommy Elvz I try to leave a message talaga every time I drop by a blog :)