What's up?

It's more than two weeks since i wrote my last post here. If you're a follower of my blog maybe you're wandering what happened to me. For the past weeks i've been working hard on my other blogs Straight from the Heart and a little bit with Best Pinay Mom. I was trying to get more traffic on these blogs because i badly needed some google page ranks. Why is it so important to me? Honestly those blogs are my channels to get some extra income. I've joined some paid post programs to earn online but in order for me to get writing opportunities i should meet the advertisers' requirements. Most of the advertisers of course are attracted to blogs or sites with page ranks.

Why do i need extra income? Basically it's for my kids school tuition fees, i want to give them the best and quality education so i have enrolled them to private schools. It's their only hope to have a better life in the future but I can't provide and support all their needs with my office income alone. Before it was my plan to work abroad but it's no longer possible because of what happened to me, there are many opportunities lost because of my disability.

Sometimes it's hard to understand why bad things happen, but i know in everything there is a reason. I'm just thankful that Jesus is in my heart, He was my source of strength and hope during the most difficult times of my life.

This is it for now. I'll try to give more details of what exactly happened to me in the past, the accident that caused my disability, my pains, my recovery, and my hopes and inspirations. To keep updated feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed.

God bless everyone!

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