Gift of healing

God is doing miracles everyday. And from this day i want to share some real life miracles that God has been doing to His people. Today i want to share the story of Annette Aldridge who suffered before from rheumatoid arthritis but now she was completely healed by God. Read her testimony and be blessed:

Mornings were the most difficult time for Annette Aldridge of Waycross, Georgia. "I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1984, " she remembers painfully. "I was only forty years old, but I had to crawl out of bed like a very old person. It's hard to describe the pain to someone who has never experienced it. I hurt in my neck, my shoulders-everywhere. My fingers were often so swollen that I couldn't squeeze a washcloth or hold a toothbrush."

The condition deteriorated during the next seven years. Doctors offered no hope she would ever get better. " I started watching Benny Hinn on television," Annette shares. " I had become a Christian at an early age and had walked with God all my life. "I had even believed that God could heal me, but i kept praying, "Heal me if it's Your will." Through the teaching I received from Pastor Benny, I discovered that it is God's will to heal. By His stripes I an healed. I began to confess that, and it started to activate my faith."

On August 7, 1991, while watching This is Your Day, she heard Pastor Benny's words, "Someone with arthritis is being healed right now!" " I knew it was for me," Annette says forcefully. "Then i felt the power of God hit me and engulf me. I was healed!"

Today, more than a decade later, Annette lives a fulfilling and active life with her husband, Henry. They actively participate as volunteers in Benny Hinn crusades and partner conferences. "I'm so excited to share what God has done," she explains. "And it's especially wonderful to see God's healing power at work in people who, as I was, have been given no hope for ever getting better."

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Trophy of Grace said...

I love hearing stories of God's power. So many Christians believe that healing and power was only for the bible days but we have that same power in us. Our God is poweful and He's still in the business of healing people WHO BELIEVE. Thanks for sharing that..