Jesus Is My Hope For Tomorrow

I stumble on this nice poem by Corinne Mann and i thought of sharing it. Be inspired...

Jesus is my only deliverance key
Only He can set me totally free

He changed my life and made me whole
Restored to me the years the enemy stole

He loves me with a pure unconditional love
A love He sent to me from the Heaven's above

Though living through the years seems long
Only Jesus can make me courageous and strong

When all is bleak and my hope is near gone
I look only to Jesus the true healing one

When there are fears about my many tomorrows
I let Jesus comfort me in all of my sorrows

Whenever I am in times of despair
It is to Jesus that I cast my care

When only my struggles are left to be found
The Prince of Peace always keeps my mind sound

When I seek His face each night and day
He gently guides me to walk life His way

Sometimes my hope is dim and I give up the fight
He then takes me gently from darkness into light

God loves me so much He sent Jesus to earth
So I could experience a wonderful new birth

I have been born again and am living a new life
I left behind my old life packed full of strife

With my old damaged life left in the past
I am now and forever finally free at last

I do not need to carry guilt from wrong acts
God graciously forgave me these are the facts

He shelters my life safely in the palm of His hand
I am now changed and in Him I now confidently stand

Gone is the emotional torment from painful past years
It is Jesus who now calms my fears and dries my tears

I praise Him and I thank Him as I walk closely with Him
My flame of hope in Jesus is faith's candle that won't dim

I celebrate with joy knowing the Holy One
Embracing my Jesus may His will be done

Uplifted in the deep places of my heart
That years ago Jesus gave me a new start

He is my comforter in times of deep sorrows
Jesus is my bright hope for all my tomorrows

Corinne is a Christian woman who has had many challenges in her life.
Her walk through the valley of fear and anxiety has inspired Corinne to write.
It is her desire to bring hope and encouragement through her writings to other women.

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