Tiffany's letter to senator Obama

Pinay Mommy shares an interesting link to Tiffany's blog post about her letter to Senator Obama. Tiffany asked her readers to help spread the word about this letter. I grab her post today to share it with you. Here it goes..

Letter to Senator Obama About Abortion

Senator Obama, abortion is not a healthy choice for Americans. I am begging you to reconsider your position with this moral topic should you become our president.

I will try my best to put words to my "choice."

Nineteen years old, I chose abortion. Sure, I could blame my boyfriend for not wanting the baby, but ultimately it was my choice. The worst choice I’ve ever made. I was too afraid to walk alone—pregnant.

In order to step into a cold, sterile abortion clinic, I had to emotionally die first. I don’t care what a woman’s beliefs are she cannot go through this procedure with a haunting that follows.

I know.

Sure, I tried to forget and move on with my life, but inside I couldn’t shake the reality of choosing death.

Death carries a sting.

Like a branding iron to my heart, I was wounded and forever scarred. Marked by my so called “choice.”

Senator Obama, you have two girls, can you honestly look into their eyes and say had they been conceived at a time other than your preferred choice that they don’t deserve a chance to live? a chance to change the world? to make a difference?

Senator Obama, have you ever sat through an abortion procedure? Have you seen the graphic images? Do you know how women are treated? Have you heard the moaning of a mom-to-be who sobbed for hours afterwards? What words could you possibly say to comfort her? None. The river of regret and shame runs too deep for words to penetrate.

I know.

Senator Obama, are you aware of Post-Abortion Syndrome(PAS)? Are you willing to comfort your girls should they decide to choose abortion someday? Because should abortion still be legal and an option, they will suffer. Even if from the outside she appears like she made it through unscathed, she is not okay. Something is bleeding underneath the surface.

I know.

My decision from almost two decades ago affected my marriage bed and relationship, my emotional well being every fall(the time of year I had my abortion), my ability to look deeply into the eyes of a newborn, and the way I morally view myself. It's a choice that keeps on giving. Giving death!

This “choice” comes with a price tag. A price tag I don’t want one more woman to pay.

Every woman who has had an abortion will one day have to look honestly into her reflection of her choices. Choosing death is not an image she should have look at and carry in her heart.
Choosing life is an image worth gazing at. Watching a baby grow up is an amazing experience.

I know.

My two children, Justin and Hannah, are nothing but gifts to me. Not mistakes. Not punishment. Nothing can replace their faces, voices, words, tears, smiles, giggles, songs, talents, or their caring hearts. Their lives are impressed deeply into my heart. And so is a baby who never had a chance. A baby I love and will never forget. A baby named “Grace.”

(Please feel free to share this letter far and wide. I pray these words will change at least one woman’s heart who’s considering abortion. I pray these words will comfort the suffering who remain silent. I pray these words will change an undecided voter choice. I pray someone out there sitting on the fence will choose LIFE!- TIFFANY)


reanaclaire said...

I read your post till the end.. I feel for you, your words had penetrate through my heart, if not the senator..
You have the guts and the courage and May God Bless You and Your family.. I m sure you are a very loving mother to your kids.. God entrust them to your care...

I am going to add your blog to mine..

Lisa C. aka Trophy of Grace said...

It's awesome that you reposted this! I have invited Tiffany to come and share her story with our girls on She has accepted..please pray for God to use her story to help these young girls and women.

Elvz said...

Hi reanaclaire thanks for taking time to read my post about Tiffany :)

Lisa you'll always be in my prayers, i really admire you for your faithful service for our God.

God bless you both!

anne said...

I was also impregnated before with a guy who ran away afterwards, But abortion has never be a solution to my problem I cannot even imagine myself to being squeezed so hard. God has always with me during those storms in my life and now the baby who was rejected by his father is with me full of love and cared.

kcatwoman said...

oh.this is very touching. i hope tiffany will have peace of mind now.