Gifts from Good Samaritans

Last Sunday a gift giving was held in our Church, good Samaritans from South Valley Community Church in USA sent toys and useful stuffs for our Sunday schoolers.

Inside the box, we got this picture showing the church volunteers while packing the gifts with a note that says, "God has put love in our hearts to do this box for you. We care for you and wish to bring God's love to you through these gifts. Remember-God loves you and so do we!"

The distribution of gifts for kids ages 12-14.

Through this blog i want to thank the people of South Valley Community Church, i hope this message will reach you. Though we're on the opposite side of the globe, i believe we're just a prayer away. May God richly bless you and protect you at all times!

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shimumsy said...

that is really a sweet gesture.

hope you are enjoying your weekend. take care.